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Guest Playlist #07: Larry Wish

By Steve Dewhurst

“When I was a toddler, I had two sacred items that I consider to be keys to my life – signifiers that helped to point me in the direction I wanted to go..."

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Something Special Happening: An Interview with Severed+Said

By Jason Cabaniss

John Touchton has spent the past eight-plus years exploring dark moods via his “ritualistic synthesizer” project, Severed+Said.

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Scratching the Surface: Looking Back at 2021

By Steve Dewhurst

In retrospect, 2021 was hard. I mean, I knew it was hard when it was happening, but looking back it has become clear just how difficult I found it...

Pete Swanson
Enough Dark Intensity: An Interview with Jimmy Lacy of SiP

By Jason Cabaniss

"I like the idea of “cocktail music.” Something intentionally light and pleasant. I’m always trying to write music that communicates some type of positive mood and when I’m playing, trying to focus my energy there"

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Guest Playlist #01: Jeffrey Silverstein

Released towards the start of the Covid-19 pandemic’s devastating creep west, Jeffrey Silverstein‘s debut LP You Become The Mountain arrived right on time. Although some personal upheaval was involved just prior to its creation, Silverstein had “settled in the Pacific Northwest” by the time production had begun, and “shed some of the negative beliefs and narratives” that had loomed over him before the move. “That experience allowed me to tap into a creative centre I hadn’t been able to reach for quite some time,” he told Underscore in a recent chat. “Making the album was also very much a celebration of collaboration and the magic that can only be found through playing music with other humans.”

Which can only make one wonder exactly how zen You Become The Mountain may have turned out had it been made during the Coronavirus pandemic. “I’m [now] hard at work on my next release,” he says. “The writing period has been more solitary, however my bandmates and I have had a lot of fun getting creative about how to collaborate in the age of social distance. I think the result will reflect a different energy. I’m using the time and space to push myself to explore new sounds and song structures, [and] looking forward to seeing it come together.”

Jeffrey’s playlist – the inaugural selection as Underscore launches what we hope will become a regular feature – reflects the man, and the musician, well. Encompassing everything from keening British folk courtesy of Fairport Convention’s Iain Matthews to fly-blown psych spin-outs from desert rockers Yawning Man, it highlights well the sonic touchstones that pepper You Become The Mountain and encapsulates the musician’s way of life – for the most part. “All of these tracks establish a mood quickly, [which] is always something I’m trying to do when writing,” he says. “Running, meditation, and music are tools I use to ground myself. They help me feel more connected to myself and others. But I certainly can have days where I’m anything but chill.”

We hope you enjoy listening. 

Main image credit: Shade Standard