Premiere: Andra Ljos – “Cleanse the Souls”

In the latest cassette bundle from West Coast mainstay Not Not Fun, Russian Armenian artist Andra Ljos (Aleksandra Evseeva) unveils Fountain of Inspiration, her second album and first for the label. While Fountain may not sound like the deep listening or distant mirage exotica of previous NNF offerings, it finds itself at home with the extended raga-like excursions of other cassettes. Andra lures listeners in with slowly unfolding sonic tales of ancient Grecian isles and mythology, composed of “keys, strings, sitar, backward whispers, and percussion.”

Nowhere does the tape shine better than on “Cleanse the Souls,” a beguiling blend of the aforementioned sonic ingredients. The track ebbs and flows as all the instruments weave together, rising and falling like the waves rolling towards the “sacred Greek island water sanctuary” that inspired the album.

Dive in and explore this latest peek prior to Fountain of Inspiration’s October 8 release date.