Premiere: Headboggle, “Epic Soundtracks”

Hey cool kids, there’s a new Headboggle single out that you won’t want to miss—and if you’re one of those few unfortunate souls still asking “who the hell is Headboggle,” here’s an answer you won’t soon forget. Offering “Epic Soundtracks” as a sneak preview, Ratskin Records proudly trumpets the upcoming Digital Digital Analog album as master synthesist Headboggle née Derek Gedalecia’s “most refined and articulate work to date.” I’m honestly not quite sure what that means in an instrumental context, but I do think it’s immediately remarkable as his most sincere, humble and heartfelt work in a decades-long career that has always adeptly balanced pastiche, pathos and panache. In a quite literal sense, Headboggle is a classically trained pianist who looks like he’s never aged a day; and, in a less literal sense, he sounds like he’s traveled centuries into the future to discover new galaxies of sound.

True to its name, the single “Epic Soundtracks” unfurls like a hodgepodge of inspirational harmonies that rise and fall asymmetrically, hinting at a slow-motion montage in a film yet unmade. But the oozing lava-lamp psychedelia is also full of a warm and inviting whimsy now familiar for Headboggle fans, not unlike tongue-in-cheek-yet-earnest bits on 2019’s Polyphonic Demo like “Reporter Fan Club.” In spite or even because of a newly modern sheen (the album’s title refers to the fact it’s the first Headboggle joint to feature digital synths and a grand piano), we get the oblique erudition of what I’ll call the Oneohtrix Point Never era of synth music with the classic starry-eyed wonder of Klaus Schulze. There’s a lot more where that came from, and you certainly won’t want to miss the rest of the album.

You are urged to hop on the Headboggle train with all deliberate haste, or risk being late to the party. Digital Digital Analog is all set for release on 25 September and you can stream “Epic Soundtracks” exclusively below now.