Premiere: Hoavi – “Tessera”

The mutant strains of dub techno, jungle, and drum ‘n’ bass that emanate from LA’s Peak Oil have become the calling card of this stalwart label. While not as prolific as other labels, when they put something out, we pay close attention. The anonymous bass throbs of Topdown Dialectic and the kinetic jungle of label founder Brian Foote’s Leech project have fried many a sound system, as well as some listeners’ minds, the last few years. In October, Russian artist Hoavi serves up a fresh helping of warped dub and experimental techno on Invariant, their label debut.

The web is sprinkled with a few out of print tapes and digital offerings dating back to 2013, but Peak Oil termed Hoavi “Russia’s best kept electronic music secret,” and no wonder: “Tessera” exemplifies the adventurous spirit of the record, as its brief running time is chock full of skittish rhythms and murky synths. The track, along with the record, is poised to lead you down a rabbit hole of trippy beats and psychedelic sonic imagery that you may want to burrow in through Fall and Winter.

Check out “Tessera” streaming below ahead of Invariant’s October 8 release date.