Premiere: Writhing Squares – “Rogue Moon”

If falling down Alice’s rabbit hole meant entry into a minimalist, digitised, dystopic otherworld instead of warped Victorian tea party, Writhing Squares’ forthcoming album Chart For The Solution would be the soundtrack, and “Rogue Moon” would be that rabbit hole. It’s at once sharp and psychedelic, spare and layered. Curiouser and curiouser.

Philadelphia’s Writhing Squares are Kevin Nickles (Ecstatic Vision, Taiwan Housing Project) and Daniel Provenzano (Purling Hiss, Astute Palate, Rosali & the Middlemen). Chart For The Solution, a double LP of expansive-yet-direct synth-based exploration, is their third album, and their second for Trouble in Mind. “Rogue Moon,” which we are thrilled to debut here, is the eleven-minute introduction. 

The track’s synthesizers ebb and flow, and the tempo intensifies then slows. Guitars come in early and layer themselves into the sound, with echoey vocals and saxophone alternating over the foundation not far behind. “Rogue Moon” lessens the pace and intensity at its midpoint, becoming less abrasive. I’d almost call it soothing if the sound wasn’t so ominous…

There’s a bit of play in the saxophone when it’s not looped and intensifying the core rhythm, and it’s a welcome variant in the mix. A James Chance comparison is the clear way to goThe song fades out and the journey down the rabbit hole is complete. What’s beyond spans outright rock, prog, and psychedelia, all with punk rock roots. Chart for the Solution is a record to make time for, and “Rogue Moon” is excellent preparation for the rest of the journey.

Chart for the Solution is will be released by Trouble in Mind on 26 March and you can stream “Rogue Moon” below now.

Main image credit: Melissa Centurio