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Guest Playlist #07: Larry Wish

By Steve Dewhurst

“When I was a toddler, I had two sacred items that I consider to be keys to my life – signifiers that helped to point me in the direction I wanted to go..."

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Something Special Happening: An Interview with Severed+Said

By Jason Cabaniss

John Touchton has spent the past eight-plus years exploring dark moods via his “ritualistic synthesizer” project, Severed+Said.

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Scratching the Surface: Looking Back at 2021

By Steve Dewhurst

In retrospect, 2021 was hard. I mean, I knew it was hard when it was happening, but looking back it has become clear just how difficult I found it...

Pete Swanson
Enough Dark Intensity: An Interview with Jimmy Lacy of SiP

By Jason Cabaniss

"I like the idea of “cocktail music.” Something intentionally light and pleasant. I’m always trying to write music that communicates some type of positive mood and when I’m playing, trying to focus my energy there"

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Premiere: Severed+Said, “Tragic Seeker”

While the postcard images of Florida portray sun-kissed beaches and family-friendly amusement, the facade quickly crumbles to reveal a darker, sinister underbelly. Jacksonville’s Severed+Said uses their music to mine that lurking doom.

Across two cassette releases for Not Not Fun (Occlusions and Incorporeality), John Touchton’s sounds encompass everything from midnight Everglade dungeon synth to electro seance soundtracks. Nearly four years after Incorporeality, 2022 brings with it a new S+S release, Tragic Seeker, a document of “the mood and mythos of the Floridian void,” as the label writes. This latest sonic sextet builds on and refines the Severed+Said sound into the project’s defining statement. Here we present the title track, an extended, loose, synth-driven meditation with just the right amount of dread hiding around the corner.