Stream: Beachers – “8th February 2007”

Recorded directly before the UK was placed in lockdown to protect against the spread of COVID-19, London-based Beachers’ FM/AM, which seeks to replicate the uncanny atmosphere found when you fall into the cracks on the dial between radio stations, couldn’t have arrived at a more pertinent time.

Creepy near-silence, supernal fuzz of doubtful origin, gummed-up funk extractions and threadbare fragments of classical music all form parts of Daryl Worthington’s latest dispatch, summing up well the aberrant deracination of our times – who reading this does not currently feel somehow torn from the established flow of things and left to flail between realms, unsure of which side of the chasm represents security, normality, reality?

You have time on your hands. FM/AM is available now on a pay-what-you-like basis and you can stream the lurching “8th February 2007” below: