Stream: Earthlogoff – “Tipsy”

Berlin’s Kitchen Leg Records has just dropped the wonderfully schizoid debut by Earthlogoff, aka former Antihairball members RBRT and Sanaa. Still heavily indebted to Lightning Bolt (they’d be the first to admit it), the duo has now introduced samples and splices to their style to veer off in a direction more redolent of Franz de Waard and Roel Meekop’s heralded meltpop project Wieman, which is to say it’s noisy, disjointed, tremendous fun and strangely danceable.

Fungym flows well from track-to-track, filling gaps with brief, glitchy electronic bits like the spasmodic “Naive” and its close relative “Gremlins,” during which RBRT sets down the bass and proves himself an expert knob twiddler. Elsewhere it’s all crunch, crack and hum; earth-shaking bass pierced by laser beams of electronics and clipped blast beats from Sanaa’s analogue drums.

“Tipsy” encapsulates the duo’s sound perfectly, with its churning power metal bass riffs charging headlong into a sparking web of circuitry and ending in a tangled panic. Stream that track below and head across to Kitchen Leg to pick up a tape.