Stream: Kendra Amalie – “Boat Ride”

Tompkins Square today announced the release of the ninth volume in its consistently impressive compilation series Imaginational Anthem.

Curated by Illinois guitarist Ryley Walker, whose debut album All Kinds of You was released by Tompkins Square back in 2014, it is easily the most outré set in the series so far.  The label itself admits to never having heard 9 out of the 11 artists included, with names such as Dave Miller, Dida Pelled, Lucas Brode and Fire-Toolz sure to surprise – and quite possibly upset – the stalwarts expecting another straight-up selection of American primitive.  Fortunately, as experimental as some of these artists can be, there is a definite reverence throughout many of their catalogues for the groundbreaking guitarists who went before.  Walker has wisely decided not to alienate Tompkins Square fans altogether by ensuring his picks don’t break too far from tradition – the guitar is still allowed to shine first and foremost.

Kendra Amalie‘s woozy “Boat Ride” has been released in advance, handily introducing the unsuspecting audience to this volume’s turn of direction while (hopefully) not scaring them away.  Rocking and listing as drums chug it through waves of electric guitar, it’s safe to say this boat ride is not aboard the Cripple Creek Ferry, but nor is it going to make the old heads sea sick.