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Review: Retribution Body, "Baphomet"

By Steve Dewhurst

For Baphomet‘s creation, Matthew Azevedo decamped to Methuen Memorial Music Hall, replete with its 160 year old Great Organ and famed four-second reverberation.

Pete Swanson
A Folk Music of Sorts: An Interview with Zefan Sramek of Precipitation

By Jason Cabaniss

"For much of my work, both musical and otherwise, the notion of place is very important. That’s one of the reasons I like using field recordings."

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Inbox #10: Real Life Ambient Top 10

By Emmerich Anklam

Greil Marcus, whose books like Mystery Train and Lipstick Traces and The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten Songs deepen the mysteries of rock music instead of explaining them away, has kept up his Real Life Rock Top 10 column with few interruptions for more than thirty-five years. This edition of The Inbox is structured after his column and dedicated to him.

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Guest Playlist #08: H. Anthony Hildebrand

By Steve Dewhurst

“The first album I was given was Rolf Harris’ Greatest Hits... that’s how not cool the music happening at our house was."

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Stream: SiP/Prezzano – “Seneca Falls”

Here we present a nice little groove from Portland mainstay Moon Glyph to help ease the seasonal transitions many of us are experiencing. At the end of August, the label put out Amethyst: New Sounds from Moon Glyph Records, and I couldn’t help but wonder whether the inclusion of the tune “Indialantic Book I” was indicative of something more to come from Chicago’s SiP (Jimmy Lacy). Not only was that the case, but it answers the question, “could there be more synths and more melodica?” Why yes. Yes, there could be. 

SiP/Prezzano pairs the intimate, hypnotic keyboard happenings of SiP with the modular synths and melodica of Pete Prezzano (Love All Day). Together, the duo bring forth a quartet of euphonious tunes that go down smooth with the best of their respective musical outputs. SiP’s recent output has some ambient strains, but forgoes the glacial somnambulance of many a solo synth head in favour of a heady, adventurous sound. The latter is all over SiP/Prezzano, and the latest taste, “Seneca Falls,” is available to stream ahead of the full album release. The tape’s closer, “Falls,” ebbs and flows with gentle washes of synths and percussion. Dive into this latest track, along with the previously released “Pygmalion,” ahead of the album’s October 29 release date.