Stream: TONED – “Hostile Environment”

Fuckin’ right on. TONED is new to me, admittedly, but damn am I glad this new one for Lisbon label Shhpuma landed with me the other week. And curse that it took me so long to get around to imbibing it.

With a fretful mania and idiosyncratic humour not unlike their sonic brethren Sly and the Family Drone, this Philadelphia trio comprised of alto saxophonist Tom Weeks, drummer Leo Suarez and composer Nathan Corder blast wild jazz through a rusted sieve of grimy old samples and harsh electronic funk so it squeaks out like so many slick writhing spätzle. Think James Chance jamming with KILT or John Olson breaking fingers in Six Finger Satellite; whatever you do, turn it up as loud as it can go and just grin at the whole joyous chaos of it all.

The band’s new album The Private Sector is available from Shhpuma now and you can stream the marvellous lead track below.