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Review: Retribution Body, "Baphomet"

By Steve Dewhurst

For Baphomet‘s creation, Matthew Azevedo decamped to Methuen Memorial Music Hall, replete with its 160 year old Great Organ and famed four-second reverberation.

Pete Swanson
A Folk Music of Sorts: An Interview with Zefan Sramek of Precipitation

By Jason Cabaniss

"For much of my work, both musical and otherwise, the notion of place is very important. That’s one of the reasons I like using field recordings."

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Inbox #10: Real Life Ambient Top 10

By Emmerich Anklam

Greil Marcus, whose books like Mystery Train and Lipstick Traces and The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten Songs deepen the mysteries of rock music instead of explaining them away, has kept up his Real Life Rock Top 10 column with few interruptions for more than thirty-five years. This edition of The Inbox is structured after his column and dedicated to him.

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Guest Playlist #08: H. Anthony Hildebrand

By Steve Dewhurst

“The first album I was given was Rolf Harris’ Greatest Hits... that’s how not cool the music happening at our house was."

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Stream: Soft-Bodied Humans x Swordman Kitala, “Bagan”

Following hot on the heels of last week’s announcement that Drowned By Locals were set to release the late Tunisian MC Cheb Terro’s final album, here’s another chunk of African rap gold in the shape of Swordman Kitala’s forthcoming  Kaiju Kitala.  Featuring beats by Soft-Bodied Humans, hereto known as Cut A Lonely Figure / Blue Tapes‘ David McNamee, and inspired by Japanese monster movies, the EP will be released in March by Phantom Limb

The Kampala-based Swordman Kitala (real name Frank Anyama) has been coming up for a year or two now, hindered by serious illness in the latter part of 2019 just as he was about to break. The last we heard of him was Scotch Rolex‘s TEWARI on which he featured alongside Lord Spikeheart, MC Yallah, Don Zilla and Chrisman in a veritable who’s-who of East African artistic talent – now, finally, he’s stepping into the spotlight himself, aided and abetted by Soft-Bodied Humans’ bass-heavy whirrs and clashes. Just like the kaiju that inspired them, these beats clang and scrape when they don’t rock the earth beneath their feet, blazing like towering infernos at the mercy of the gigantic beasts whose presence is clear in the snippets of newsreel that occasionally force their way through the maelstrom. Swordman is an easy foil (no pun intended, seriously), his stuttering raps and rough edges dodging and weaving around the aural carnage with undeterred force. 

Kaiju Kitala is all set for release via Phantom Limb on 4 March. Check out the opening track “Bagan” below and make sure you pick up your DL ahead of time.