Watch: Bruno Bavota – “Apartment Loop #3”

As one of the very first countries to enter lockdown, Italy is ahead of the curve when it comes to the permanent feeling of dread and unease we have all begun to accept since COVID-19 took hold across the planet.  Some of us have worked with the daily death dance better than others, including Italian pianist Bruno Bavota, who’s used his time alone in quarantine to create a memorial of sorts for a historical event none of us could even have begun to imagine befalling us at the start of the year.

An estimated 200,000 people have lost their lives to Coronavirus across Europe at the time of writing, but the feeling is finally that we are emerging from the dark.  It is this inkling of hope that shines most impressively, and perhaps surprisingly, from Bavota’s “Apartment Loop #3,” the newly released video for which you can see below.  Switching his focus to synthesizers, the young composer channelled the dread and unease he felt as lockdown started into producing something that would reflect our “new normal” and all the repetition, uncertainty and confinement it entailed.  What Bavota found was that his small apartment took on unforeseen levels of profundity; the enforced stasis and the concentration required to find inspiration within four familiar walls stirred in him not languor and gloom but transcendence.

Apartment Loops Volume 1 will be released on 3 July by Temporary Residence Ltd. and is available to pre-order now.