Watch: Jason Sharp – “The Turning Centre of a Still World” (Visual Album by Guillaume Vallée)

Ahead of the release of his third album, Montréal saxophonist and electroacoustic composer Jason Sharp presents this incredible visual collaboration with filmmaker Guillaume Vallée, which will be available to view only until The Turning Centre of a Still World is released by Constellation this coming Friday. 

The video’s release follows two previous clips for the tracks “Everything is Waiting for You” and “Blossoming Rest,” both of which now slot into this breathtaking accompaniment. Vallée shot on Super8 and hand-processed the imagery to better express what he calls “the organicism and physicality of the music,” saying the use of chemical treatments applied directly to the media allowed him “get closer to [the] material and [achieve] an intuitive symbiosis with the music.” The artistic connections throughout the film are obvious, with each tiny detail – every pop, warp and crackle that blitzes the screen – complimenting Sharp’s chronosthetic tour de force perfectly. 

At once intimate and vast, The Turning Centre of a Still World combines the dewy night air romance of dark alley sax with frigid passages of black ambience, searing sci-fi drive and densely clustered neutron star pulses. By plugging his own heartbeat into the system, Sharp ensures his presence is felt even when pushing his horn through myriad pedals, patches and samplers propels his sound into the outer reaches of the quantum consciousness. 

The ease with which Vallée appears to have boarded Sharp’s flight is incredible and it’s no exaggeration to say it’s difficult to imagine the album playing out with any other accompaniment. To solidify the remarkable synergy at work here, the visuals will also play an important role in Sharp’s forthcoming live dates, with a special version of the video having been created to react via software to the live performance, altering and recombining the footage differently every time.

It is a genuine honour to host this incredible piece of art at Underscore and we hope you enjoy getting lost in it as much as we have. The Turning Centre of a Still World will be released by Constellation on Friday 27 August – make sure you pick up a copy here